May Newsletter - 2020

  • Mitraz Financial
  • Jul 2 2020
Estimated reading time: 13 minutes 6 seconds

FINANCIAL NEWSA committee appointed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), headed by the chief executive of Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) and consisting of representatives from all stakeholders, except bank customers, has recommended an increase in interchange charges for all transactions carried out on automated teller machines (ATMs) across the country. The committee also wants to cap cash withdrawal limit at Rs.5,000 per transaction and levy charges for any larger amount.The Union government...


The Virus and the Carpenters of Growth - Market Commentry

  • Satish Anand
  • Jun 30 2020
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes 36 seconds

Globally, News continues to be dominated by things about and related to Coronavirus. In this edition of the newsletter, we have covered: 1. Steps to be taken post taking a contingent Insurance life cover. 2. Differences between an accrual debt fund and a duration-based debt fund. 3. NPS Tier I and Tier II accounts 4. Change in IT rules for the current year. Please check the link at the end of this blog to read our Monthly Newsletter.  Stay Uninfected, Stay Invested. Market and COVID related...


April Newsletter - 2020

  • Mitraz Financial
  • May 26 2020
Estimated reading time: 11 minutes 42 seconds

Financial News SEBI relaxes buyback regulation to enable the quicker raising of funds in times of the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, the buyback regulation disallows fresh raising of capital for a period of 1 year from expiry of the buyback period. SEBI has with immediate effect, reducing the 1 year period to 6 months applicable till Dec 31st 2020.SEBI on April 30th gave a three-month extension till June 30 for liquid funds to comply with the requirement of holding at least 20% of their assets...


Next Steps after the Market Scenario over Coronavirus | Market Commentary

  • Satish Anand
  • Mar 13 2020
Estimated reading time: 6 minutes 3 seconds

In this edition, we have covered details related to SEBI’s initiatives to curb the POA misuse by brokers.SEBI’s amendments to the Investment Adviser Regulations.The finer points on the Viwaad se Vishwaas Scheme of the Union BudgetThe perils of not looking at real inflation.Market CommentaryIt is all about floating above the water level!!Sometimes there is no escape from getting drenched or wet. If one can keep the head above the water level, there is always a 100% chance that at some point in...


Know your Risk Profile in and with 20/20 - Happy New Year 2020!

  • Anup Bansal
  • Dec 31 2019
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes 38 seconds

Another year is going by and we all are ready to welcome the New Year 2020. The start of the new decade will see Mitraz reaching and celebrating an important milestone – a decade long existence since 2010.The Year 2019 started with high expectations about market recovery which were further elevated after a bigger mandate for BJP in Lok Sabha Elections in May 2019. However, the euphoria was short-lived with budget dampeners, GDP falling to 4.5% during July – Sep quarter and high unemployment....


Stock Market Is Up - What Should I Do?

  • Anup Bansal
  • Sep 22 2014
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes 5 seconds

Nifty has given an absolute return of 29% since the beginning of this year and relevant questions in every one's mind are should I invest more or should I book profits? Where are the markets headed? Many savvy investors, learning lessons from 2008 crash, do not want to be caught in the downward spiral, if it were to happen in the future. But at the same time, they don't want to be left behind in the participation of the India story especially after the positive sentiment created with the election...


Volatility is your friend!

  • Anup Bansal
  • Feb 6 2018
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes 27 seconds

Today the Indian stock market fell by around 1.5% and has fallen by around 4.8% in the last four sessions since the budget. We all are feeling the pain of the downturn and the rise in the volatility. Just to put things in perspective, even after this correction, the Indian equity market has given a gain of 19.3% in the last 1 year and 42.1% in the last two years.What is volatility? It is the day to day unpredictability of markets. If there are too many changes in stock prices every day then the volatility...



  • Anup Bansal
  • Jan 26 2018
Estimated reading time: 1 minute 47 seconds

I happened to be on Dalal Street on the day Sensex crossed the mark of 35,000 on 17th January. There was the crowd, there were cameramen, there were balloons, the environment was charged with jubilation and the celebrity was SENSEX!Then, the news cried out loud this week "....the Sensex took just five trading sessions (January 17-23) to reach the historic 36,000-level from 35,000....". And, you may have been going slow with equity investments anticipating a downturn in the market due to the high...


February Newsletter - 2019

  • Mitraz Knowledge
  • Feb 28 2019
Estimated reading time: 11 minutes 51 seconds

KNOWLEDGE - NARROW FRAMING BIASSymptoms - Insistent focus on the performance of individual securities, looking at individual asset class performance in isolation.Example - Gold which is used to diversify the risk involved in high equity allocation is considered a bad decision once the equity part has performed good without considering that gold was a part of the portfolio and is looked in isolation on the basis of returns.Effect - A narrow framing bias leads to frequent exits or lower investments...


We are all stories in the end, Just make it a good one!

  • Anup Bansal
  • Dec 8 2018
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes 32 seconds

"Do Nothing Wrong and the Right Thing Will Happen"This is the headline from Chapter 6 of the book "the art of the good life" by Rolf Dobelli. I have taken an extract from this chapter as it is so relevant for prudent RISK MANAGEMENT."The downside is always more concrete than the upside. The downside is like granite - hard, tangible, solid. Whereas the upside is like air. Investors who have been successful in the long term, such as Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, work with mental tricks, tools,...


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