Unravelling the Financial Jargons your Advisor may use. The ultimate Cheat Sheet!

  • Arzoo Dalal
  • Jan 11 2021
Estimated reading time: 8 minutes 31 seconds

“Do not save what is left after spending… but spend what is left after saving: Warren Buffet”Warren Buffet needs no introduction and with his quote stated above, he has very specifically pointed out when are you capable enough of spending. Every time I read this quote, it kind of motivates me for increasing my savings and securing myself for a healthier half of my life. So, we can’t deny the fact that how important financial planning is in our life. This whole business model started back...


Discounts and Free Services

  • Anup Bansal
  • Apr 8 2018
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes 36 seconds

A couple of years back, my friend Shekhar (name changed) was visiting Agra, the city of Taj in the month of February when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. He decided to stroll on a street in the famous market 'Sadar Bazaar' frequented by tourists looking to proudly own souvenirs especially a cabinet display version of Taj Mahal. Me having been raised in this city and familiar with its ways, I had cautioned my friend about the exorbitant prices quoted to tourists by locales to seek extraordinary...


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