Coronavirus Panic, Depressed Markets, Economy Slowdown - This Too Shall Pass

  • Anup Bansal
  • Mar 18 2020
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes 55 seconds

Markets are down by more than 25% since the high recorded in January this year. Malls, cinema halls are shut. Work from home which was a preference of few organizations and privilege of few employees is being instituted widely across. Roads are empty with self-imposed quarantine and, in general, concern about how the Covid-19 spread may progress.My Whatsapp is flooding with messages with skepticism, hope, worry, fear and confusion. I have learnt new terms like social distancing and flattening the...


Next Steps after the Market Scenario over Coronavirus | Market Commentary

  • Satish Anand
  • Mar 13 2020
Estimated reading time: 6 minutes 3 seconds

In this edition, we have covered details related to SEBI’s initiatives to curb the POA misuse by brokers.SEBI’s amendments to the Investment Adviser Regulations.The finer points on the Viwaad se Vishwaas Scheme of the Union BudgetThe perils of not looking at real inflation.Market CommentaryIt is all about floating above the water level!!Sometimes there is no escape from getting drenched or wet. If one can keep the head above the water level, there is always a 100% chance that at some point in...


Coronavirus: What Does This Mean For The Indian Market?

  • Satish Anand
  • Mar 7 2020
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes 9 seconds

What is Coronavirus?Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses, including some that cause the common cold to some that cause major diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).The coronavirus outbreak came to light when on December 31, 2019, China informed the World Health Organization of a cluster of cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause in Wuhan City in Hubei province.On January 9, 2020, WHO issued a statement saying Chinese researchers...


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