NRI Services for Non-Resident Indians

NRI Services

Customised Portfolio Offering

We offer portfolios which have a customised offering to NRI and OCI based on your country of residency and citizenship status. This offering is based on the availability of the product based on your status and tax implications of the product for you. If abroad, you will have periodic calls with your investment adviser and can also meet your adviser when you are visiting India.

Managing your Taxation

We will help you in advance tax planning and tax filing for your India income and provide Indian income data for your abroad tax filing. We will build a portfolio to optimise taxes on income due to India investments.

Financial Planning advisory

We will help you put a financial plan together to achieve financial freedom and reach your aspirations in the country of your residence. The plan is prepared and reported in the currency of your resident country.

Our Other Services


  • Governance Principles
  • Liquidity Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Startups
  • Updates and Monitoring
  • Tax Services
  • Book Keeping
  • Concierge services
  • Get views of Experts


  • Financial Planning Advisory
  • Portfolio Management
  • Tax Services
  • Estate planning framework


  • Liquidity Management
  • Long Term Growth
  • Customized Portfolio