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Prive Services

Governance Principles

Our experts will understand your philosophy, your requirements and your preferences to put together the governance principles to setup your family office including asset allocation and risk management framework. These principles will drive all decisions related to your assets, investments and other financial activities.

Liquidity Management

As your financial interests are widely varied, your cash outflows may be large and sometimes unpredictable. Liquidity management without incurring any opportunity cost is an important aspect of family office management. Our planning and execution including budgeting and expense management system ensures that you are able to follow up on your personal and societal passions without any liquidity constraints.

Portfolio Management

Being a Prive customer, you will get a range of products which is unique and gives you a flavour of various investment products available in the market. Your portfolio will have customised asset allocation profile to suit your specific needs. Our most senior advisors will share insights and knowledge for you and your family members while managing your portfolio.


Involvement in Startups, whether in terms of time or funding or both, provides you with an opportunity to be an entrepreneur without the daily grind of it. We analyse the opportunities with subjective and objective parameters and provide an independent view on the investment. In some cases, we participate in the board discussions to guide the Startup where an investment has been made.

Updates & Monitoring

Periodic review of portfolio, annual comprehensive family office activities review, annual planning are part of our regular updates and monitoring process. You will have periodic calls or meetings with your investment adviser and the advisory head to be always in sync on the activities. You have access to our research experts to answer your investment related queries.

Tax Services

>We will address your tax queries and will help you in filing your individual tax returns. This will include advance tax planning and working with your other financial intermediaries to prepare and to file your tax returns

Book Keeping

>We will help you manage your income, expenses and also maintain personal books of accounts to track your assets and liabilities

Estate Planning

>We will help you set up a legacy and estate planning framework for transition of your estate assets to your legal heirs with minimal tax impact. This could also involve creation of Trust and other related legacy planning framework

Concierge Services

>We will support you on routine tasks which will help you save time for your other important priorities

Get Views of Experts

>Your account will be handled and supported by a team of experts who have had a long and varied experience profile in varied fields of finance.

Our Other Services


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